New Look, same company.

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Amira Homes
Brand Identity


Amira Consturction came to us in fall 2013 as they were making a move into the home building category.  The first suggestion we made was to drop "construction" and attach "homes" to their brand.  Through our First Look process, we discovered key words such as valuable and luxury.


Create a brand identity that felt clean, luxurious and valuable.  Provide client with all necessary logos, usage guidelines and full stationary package to help drive sales and positive brand recognition. 


In creating the Identity for Amira Homes, we wanted to develop a logo that would first and foremost speak to the quality of the homes built. The perfection and refinement of Amira homes would need to be matched by the very logo itself. A high-end product demands a high-end logo.

Therefore, the overused roofline imagery was out. In fact, icons themselves are too excessive, so we stripped it down to a wordmark. Lean and agile. Not weighed down by every impulse and excess. Streamlined to the bare minimum, even to the absence of colour.


Two typefaces were chosen for this. First, Bodoni. A classic serif typeface designed by Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni. Known for its contrasting thick and thin lines. Famously used in high end fashion. Second, Avant Garde Gothic. This geometric font was chosen to contrast the more elegant Bodoni. Designed by Herb Lubalin in the 70’s and used by the likes of Adidas. Finally we highlighted the primary focus with a simple shape, and spaced out the letters to give them room to breathe.



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