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Coopertown Campaign1

Marketing Campaign


Coopertown will be a large community set in Regina’s northwest corner that will be home to over 33,000 people over the next thirty years. Coopertown will be built on three principles: quality, longevity, and craftsmanship. What makes the community unique are the amenities that will be there such as double wide bike lanes, community gardens, an urban village, schools within walking distance, and many varieties of parks. For more information on the new community, check out the Coopertown community plan.


Regina is growing at a vast pace, and with that comes a variety of choices for new home buyers. We need to make Coopertown the premier destination for people looking to buy a home in Regina, and to do that, we must find a way to differentiate Coopertown from other regular communities.


Working with the Dream Development team, we had an elaborate brainstorming and planning session that reviewed the current plan for Coopertown which allowed us to understand the vision behind the community. From there, we worked on creating a marketing plan that focused on the key resources that make Coopertown stand out. We devised a plan that focused on selling the community of Coopertown first, rather than simply the houses. Living in Coopertown invited residents to take part in true community, one where you might actually know your neighbors.


Although the Coopertown marketing plan has only just begun, recent survey results have proved the perception of Coopertown, its amenities and land use plan has been overwhelmingly positive.

Coopertown Campaign2

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