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Harbour Landing and Dundee Developments have been pushing the housing design boundaries within the development.  Creating neighborhoods with character and arts and crafts style design.

Create a branded campaign that spoke to the arts and crafts style design as well as stay cohesive with the “colour system” we developed for different products in Harbour Landing.  The colour purple was previously selected to be associated with the Porch & Lane product style.  Dundee Developments also wanted to attract builders with unique building styles to create a “show piece” neighbourhood.

Through a specific type style, we were able to achieve a look and feel unique to the Porchscape area of Harbour Landing.  We chose things like frames around renderings and stitching detail as graphic devices to only add to the style of housing we were speaking to.

Through awareness of Porchscape in Harbour Landing,Dundee Developments was able to attract new builders to the area, selling lots fast and launching a “Showhome Parade” quicker than originally planned.

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Unsung Heroes Campaign

Every year, over 1 million tires become potential waste hazards.  Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) provides a tire recycling program, province wide, and run an awareness campaign every year.

In 2012, the SSTC needed to cross promote specific tire recycling programs.  Tires are recycled in specific categories, and within each category lies a different target audience.  The SSTC was also celebrating their 20 millionth tire recycled, so we needed to layer that message in.

We created the campaign “SSTC Unsung Heroes”. Here we could personify the general public as everyday heroes.  Through model selection, we spoke to 4 different audiences by gender and social class, as well as drawing awareness to the types of tires you can recycle through the programs available with the SSTC.  We thanked these everyday heroes with the “Thanks a 20 million” tagline, which gave us the brand recall and awareness for Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation as a whole.

Through this campaign, we were successful in aiding the launch of the SSTC private stock pile tire clean-up.  After this campaign was run, the general public was polled and over 90% of Saskatchewan residents were aware of the SSTC and the programs they continue to run.

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