New Look, same company.

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  • LM Web Design Steadfast

Background: Steadfast Homes was transitioning from providing manufactured homes to work sites and temporary housing solutions to family home business. To achieve this transition, they needed to develop a brand that was appealing to a family market. The website also needed to be redeveloped to reflect the new brand and to accommodate for an increase in mobile traffic.  

Objectives: Develop a new website in two weeks. Create an inventory system for all homes offered. Make the website mobile friendly. Profile the sales staff. 

Process: Look Matters implemented a CMS website using Joomla platform. Given a very short deadline we utilized an existing template and modified it to meet the client requirements and branding. The catalog feature was implemented using the K2 extension. The website also features a blog area that is contributed by the sales staff. Each sales staff has their own profile with a picture associated with the blog posts. The website is also integrated into social media, which makes it very easy to share the content on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  

The website utilized the responsive design technology to make it easier for the increasing level of mobile traffic.

Outcomes: The new website was launched successfully in less than two weeks. By the end of the month, Steadfast homes traffic increased by 172% and Mobile traffic reached 30%. The success of this project can best be explained by the following feedback from the company president.

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Website Design (Mobile friendly)

We have worked with the Regina Airport Authority (YQR) since 2007 when they first hired us to design a website that would support their rebranding initiative.  Since then, their website has gone through several stages: “amazing”, “great”, “good”, “okay”, “passing” and “we need a new site”.  This is the usual cycle with every website and frankly, four years is quite a long time for the lifecycle of any website.

Redesign a website to best utilize the customer needs. Make it mobile friendly.

Instead of asking the client what they want their website do to for them we asked their customers. For this we utilized social media, mainly Twitter and Facebook. Following the feedback, we also shared the initial designs with the community and took their feedback into a consideration.

A Custom Arrivals and Departures tool was developed to receive the data from Terminal Systems International The tool also monitored the date stamp of the data and if it was over 10 minutes old, it would display an alert message.

A dedicated mobile site was chosen over a responsive technology to ensure compatibility with aging Blackberry devices and provide faster loading times.

On busy days, the Regina International Airport Website receives up to 5,000 visitors a day. As indicated by the customer survey, the majority of the visitors are there to check arrivals and departures information which is accessible on the home page. Regina Airport Authority communications staff manages the site successfully with minimal assistance from Look Mattes.

Since 2007 the website traffic has doubled which speaks to the prosperity and growth of Regina Airport.  

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